Christmas photoshoots in Houston. Photographer Irina Kozhemyakina. Houston

Christmas Photoshoots in Houston

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I will be glad to become your photographer
I will help you choose clothes, we will come up with images

When is the best time for a photo shoot?

You can do family photos or photos of just your kids, dogs are always welcome too! Within three days after the session you will receive your first photos. You will receive all photos in the gallery with watermarks within two weeks. You’ll then choose the photos you’d like and the turnaround time to receive the finished edited photos is 14 days after you choose them.

How will I get my photos?

I post all photos from photography in a closed gallery on the site and you can choose which photos you want. After that the photos will be retouched and I will give you a link to the gallery of your photos

$ 150


15 minute session, one background of your choice from the 2 options on this page, and 3 photos of your choice.

The price for additional photos is $35 for one, $150 for five, $200 for ten, and $300 for twenty. If you buy twenty extra photos you’ll receive all the unedited photos as well; that’s the only way to purchase unedited photos.

$ 200


30 minute session,
1-2 Background of your choice from the 2 options on this page,  and 5 photos of your choice. 

The price for additional photos is $30 for one, $100 for five, $150 for ten, and $300 for twenty.

$ 275


 45-minute session, two Christmas backgrounds, and 10 photos of your choice.

You can do 1-2 outfits. I will let the children play with the flour (they love it!), knead the dough, etc.

The price for additional photos is $20 for one, $80 for five, $150 for ten, and $300 for twenty.

In a box

Photo session up to 1-3 hours.

If I need to travel, additional charges may apply


$ 150-350

Choose a package

No prints are included. Half of the session fee is due to book, the other half is just due before the session,
you can even pay when you arrive.

 Order a photo session