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My name is Irina Kozhemyakina. I have a passion for photography which makes it possible to catch interesting and beautiful moments in life. I have won numerous competitions, and my works are widely used in the advertising industry, and have been featured in many journals. I offer photosessions and also willing to sell some of the works from my personal catalogue, including staged images of animals, nature landscapes, etc.

Главная. Фотограф Ирина Кожемякина. Хьюстон, Москва



Irina is the photographer with the acute sense of nature and light!
She feels the dimensions for the best composition, perspective, angle.
Very meticulous in details!
As a result she captures the images full of life. You can step in the environment and surrounding of her pictures! They exudes life!

Irina’s personal approach to each project is priceless!

Lana — blogger for artful food in ‘Alchemy of Flavor’

Olga Vaieva:

Beautiful photos! Light, air, dynamics-impressive.


Stunning photography! Irina is very talented


If you want outstanding quality with professionalism and caring and loving, Irina is the best photographer out there! She is very knowledgeable about animal photography, taking lots of shots from different angles, quickly to catch a moment. I asked for creative photos of my family and our beloved dog German Shepherd and couldn’t be more pleased! She was able to capture my dog unique personality and made it shine on the photos! Irina somehow was able to get my dog to pose long enough to get amazing pictures! I highly recommend her to everyone!


She is a very talented artist with a bucket of creativity. Just love the way Irina captures the unique moments.


Telephone: +1 (501) 316−95−48

Facebook : www.facebook.com/profile.php? id=100010636305825

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